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Our Story 

Lanzhou Hand Pulled Noodles is a restaurant in Milpitas, CA. We offer high quality noodles made with authentic flavor and fresh ingredients.

Our beef broth is slow cooked daily, our goal is to offer the best ingredients and fresh noodles. All noodles are hand-made.
Lanzhou Beef Noodles is reputed to be one of the Top Ten Noodles in China, and is the most unique delicacy in Lan Zhou, the capital of Gansu Province.  The dish is a clear broth with slices of turnip and clean cuts of tender beef, laid on top of hand-pulled chewy noodles. They are seasoned with a chili and peppercorn sauce that will bring a numbing but joyful sensation. Customers in China and worldwide praise Lanzhou beef noodles and it is rated as one of the three renowned Chinese fast food by Chinese Culinary Association.


"These hand pulled noodle brings me back to those wonderful food I had in Mainland-China "